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Maitake Mushroom Extract ( Grifrola Frondosa)

Maitake mushrooms are one of the most sought after wild mushrooms in the world. Growing exclusively in the late fall into winter in the midwest. Its our favorite mushroom to Forage here at I'm A FunGi Mushroom Pharm. We harvest in the wild anywhere from 200 to 800 pounds of wild Maitake a year. Maitake has endless health benifits. Maitake is loaded with Vitamin D and helps everything from bone health to cancer support. They are rich in Polysaccharides and are great for your heart. The Beta Glucans in Maitake may help reduce Cholesterol and overall cardiovascular health lowering your risk for hear disease. The Beta Glucans may also be helpful in targeting and destroying cancerous cells in the body. 


Maitake are a great source of: 

-Beta Glucan

- Potassium

- Posphorus

- Riboflavin 

- Niacin

Maitake Mushroom Extract ( Grifrola Frondosa)


Directions :

For best results simply place desired amount under tounge and allow a few seconds for tincture to absorb into the blood stream then simply swallow or wash down with favorite beverage. 

You may also add to Coffee , water , Shakes or desired Beverage for easy use. 


Maitake Mushroom Tincture

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  • Wild Foraged and Wild Grown Maitake Mushrooms (Grifola frondosa). Inspected by a Certified and Licenced Wild Mushroom expert byJustin Sule Owner and CEO of I'm a FunGi Mushrooms LLC.  I'm A FunGi Mushroom Pharm's line of extracts all use top quality mushrooms. We use the best extraction methods for the higest possible quality and potency extracts. 

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