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Cognition fuses the nootropic capabilities of wild mushrooms and specialty dual orgin coffee to create a cognitive mood enhancing beverage that is completlety hand crafted*. High Altitude Washed Honduras + High Altitude  Natural Brazil + Lions Mane + Chaga  are made for eachother. The Nutty and Earthy taste is almost perfection , you wont need any cream and sugar.  Specialty wild mushrooms deserves specialty Coffee. Our beans are sourced via direct trade. Meaning we get them almost directly from the farmers ensuring the highest quality bean as possible that actually benifits the farmers not the wholesalers.  Start your day and your brain off right by giving it what it needs.     ◇ Altitude ◇•Natural Brazil Bean 1250 M.A.S.L •Washed Honduras Bean 1450 M.A.S.L    Subscribe and Save 15%


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  • Whether your preffered brew is a french press, a dripper, or a pour over. Cognition can be enjoyed through any process! 

    Add 20 grams or a 4 tablespoon of Cognition per 350 grams or 12oz of Water. 

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