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Thank you to all my new subscribers !

I want to take a min to talk about my new Mushroom soap! I am being told that it's a game changer. It leaves your skin so smooth and cleaner than it ever has been! I'm serious! It is my 6-year-old daughters' favorite soap. She loves taking a shower because she gets to use her Pa's soap :)

Wild Chaga and Lions Mane mushrooms meet high altitude Honduras and high-altitude Brazilian coffee grounds. Creating the perfect exfoliator that heals and helps enhance the health of your skin. Chaga's Black pigmentation represents its high Melanin content which is a key major compound found in our skin that helps protect us from Sun damage. All that while Lions Mane soothes and protects your skin with its Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral properties! For all yall out there who get your hands dirty this is especially the Soap for you! Try a bar today!

I want to offer my subscribers a Christmas discount right before the Holidays. Enjoy %20 off all orders. Order before 12/19/21 to get you Immune boosting Mushroom products before Christmas! Happy Holidays

Discount Code: "Christmas"

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