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Morel Mushroom Madness!

I wish I had more time or id be down in southern Indiana picking Morels right now! I was pleasantly reminded today via FB memories that I was picking Morchella Americana a year ago today. This is Mother Nature's way of rubbing in the fact that she does whatever the heck she wants. She is in fact, an unpredictable force. There are a lot of people in Northwest Indiana that are ready to head to the woods. So, if she could stop acting crazy and warm up some wed appreciate it. The real problem is ground temps need to get up to 55 degrees and start increasing and those little Aliens will be hitting the frying pan in no time. It is mind blowing to me that come every May-ish these little Alien brains just start popping up out of the ground turning local forests into one huge adult Easter egg hunt.

You're never going to find mushrooms sitting in the house. You owe it to yourself to get out in the woods and get some fresh air and some exercise. Take a couple big breaths to when you're in there. The Oxygen is just different when you're in the woods.

I'll explain more soon so stay Tuned!

Justin Sule

I'm A FunGi Mushroom Pharm

A few pictures of Morchella Americana.

From my Camera Roll

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